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What to Consider When Searching for the Perfect Domain Name


Keep It Short

Although there is no set length for domain names, the ideal ones are between one and three words. Longer domains are more difficult to read and remember.

Brand name

Include Your Brand Name

Where possible, your domain should include your brand name or keywords related to your project or business. This way, when people look for your business online, they will instantly recognise your website.

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Perform a Domain Name Search

Before you choose a domain name, check whether it isn’t already trademarked by another firm that holds the copyright.

Less is More

Less Is More

Avoid numbers, hyphens, slang, and words spelled differently. Users might misspell a domain with complex characters and won’t access your site.


Think Locally

While many prefer .com domains, you may be better off choosing a country-specific extension like .in for domain registration in India or for the United Kingdom – especially if you're targeting a specific country.

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Check Domain Name Availability, Act Quickly

The best domain names are taken quickly, so don’t wait around – your dream domain might slip away. Use the domain checker to secure a web address that suits your needs.

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FAQs About 998host domains


A domain name is a unique alphanumeric address that identifies a website on the internet, such as “”.

Domain names serve as human-readable aliases for IP addresses, allowing users to access websites by typing in easy-to-remember names instead of complex numerical IP addresses.

A domain name consists of two main parts: the top-level domain (TLD), such as “.com”, and the second-level domain (SLD), such as “example”.

A TLD is the highest level in the hierarchical domain name system, such as “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.edu”, and country-code TLDs like “.us”, “.uk”, and “.in”.

An SLD is the part of the domain name that appears before the TLD, such as “example” in “”.

WHOIS information is a publicly accessible database containing details about the owner of a domain name, including contact information.

Most domain names are available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis, but some names may be restricted or already taken by other registrants.

Domain names can typically be registered for one year or longer, with the option to renew the registration before it expires.

Yes, you can transfer your domain name from one registrar to another by following the transfer process specified by the new registrar.

Domain name renewal is the process of extending the registration period for a domain name beyond its expiration date to maintain ownership and continue using the domain.

If you forget to renew your domain name before it expires, it may enter a grace period during which you can still renew it without losing ownership. After the grace period, the domain may enter redemption or be released for others to register.

Yes, you can sell your domain name to another party through a domain marketplace or directly negotiate with potential buyers.

Domain privacy protection (also known as WHOIS privacy) is a service offered by registrars to mask the owner’s personal contact information in the public WHOIS database, reducing spam and protecting privacy.

Domain forwarding (or domain redirection) is a feature that automatically redirects visitors from one domain to another, allowing you to point multiple domain names to the same website.

DNS is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the internet, translating domain names into IP addresses necessary for locating and identifying devices and services.

An EPP code is a unique authorization code required to initiate the transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another.

Yes, many registrars offer private domain registration services that allow you to keep your personal contact information confidential in the WHOIS database.

A domain transfer lock is a security feature that prevents unauthorized transfers of a domain name to another registrar. It must be disabled before a domain transfer can be initiated.